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Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 11:10 pm

Inochi episode 21 and 22: Naohiko visits Miki in Tsugaru. Sachi gives birth. Miki gets lost in a snowstorm.
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Title (romaji): Inochi
Format: Renzoku
Viewership ratings:
26,6% (ep1), 36,7% (highest ep), 29,3% (avg.)
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period:
1986-Jan-05 to 1986-Dec-14
Air time:
Sunday 20:00

The drama is begins in August 1945, three days after the end of the Pacific war. A freight train completely jam-packed with passengers heads for Aomori from devastated Tokyo. Among the passengers is Takahara Miki Takahara and her sister Sachi.

Miki and Sachi are the daughters of a wealthy landlord living in a village in the Tsugaru area in Aomori prefecture but they have been living in Tokyo since before the war to attend school. After seeing her village does not have a doctor, Miki is determined to become a rural doctor.

Main Cast
Takahara family

Mita Yoshiko as Miki
Tanba Tetsuro as father
Kuga Yoshiko as Chie (mother)
Ishino Mako as Sachi (younger sister)
Watanabe Toru as Nakagawa Kuniyuki
Ishida Taro as Hiromichi
Osaka Shiro as Kudo Seikichi
Akagi Harue as Kudo Ine